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This is one tree of three San Jose Junipers that I discovered at a local nursery. These type of trees are the easiest to care for of all my trees and there is about a 90% success rate for cuttings. I was able to talk them down to $13 each which is unreal for trunks of this size. I like to browse around the back areas of nursery's for the older scrub stuff and sometimes it pays off. I've never paid the normal full price for a tree/bush. These photos are the method I have found works best for me and does not mean others do something different.
Nursery StockNursery StockThinningThinningRepotting SetupRepotting SetupRoot UntanglingBadly RootboundBadly RootboundUntangling the RootsThinning the Old RootsThinning the Old rootsFinal TrimReady for the PotSoil PreparationSoil PreparationSoil PreparationPot PreparationPot PreparationFinal Mixture